Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become a member of VFS Global Privilege Program?

You can register with us at and select from a range of memberships like Silver Privilege, Student Privilege, Gold Privilege, Gold Family Privilege and Senior Citizen Privilege. For subscribing and joining as a member, you will be guided through a secured payment gateway on the website to complete the transaction.

You call also call the Privilege Helpdesk where our call centre representative will help you become a member through our secured IVR payment.

2. How can I avail the eligible services in my membership?

To avail the services, kindly contact the Privilege Helpdesk or Relationship Manager at our Visa Application Centre.

3. Can I upgrade my membership?

No. A membership option once bought cannot be upgraded. However, you can purchase additional services or membership options as per your specific requirement.

4. What is the duration of my membership?

Your VFS Global Privilege Membership (Gold Privilege, Gold Family Privilege, Senior Citizen Privilege, Silver Privilege) is valid for one year from the date of enrolment into the program. Student Privilege Membership is valid for the entire duration of the course (max. 4 years).

5. What if I forget to carry my VFS Global Privilege Membership Card to the Visa application centre, can I still avail my services?

Yes, you can still avail the services by providing your Membership ID to the Relationship Manager at our Visa application centre.

6. What if I forget my VFS Global Privilege Account login password?

If you do not remember your password, you can recover your password easily. Click the link 'Forgot Password' on the Member Login page. Just enter your Registered Mobile Number, and we will send the password to your registered email address and mobile number.

7. What if I have forgotten my VFS Global Privilege Membership Id? Can I enrol again on your website?

If you have forgotten your VFS Global Privilege Membership Id, please contact the VFS Global Privilege Helpdesk for assistance in order to retrieve your Membership Id. The member cannot enrol into VFS Global Privilege program again, as enrolling to the website will not allow you to proceed further and will give you an alert that a member with similar details already exists in the system.

8. How do I become a VFS Global Privilege member when I am already at the Visa Application Centre?

At our Visa Application Centre, the program relationship executive will help you understand the features and benefits of the program and also how to enrol into the program.

9. Can I avail each service listed at all Visa application centres of VFS Global?

No, only services available at the designated Visa application centre will be applicable and available for a member to redeem and avail. If a Visa application centre does not have a facility that is listed as part of your membership, you will not be able to use that particular service.

10. Can I reapply if I have lost my membership card?

You can call our Privilege Helpdesk and register your concern. We will help you with a solution within 7 working days.

11. Is there an age criterion for enrolling into the VFS Global Privilege program?

Yes. Individuals above the age of 18 years can enrol directly into the VFS Global Privilege program. Children between the age of 2-11 years can be enrolled into the Gold Family Privilege membership only, through parents or a legal gaurdian.

12. Can my Visa be extended being a VFS Global privilege member?

No, you need to reapply for a fresh Visa in your home country. The program membership does not have any bearing on your Visa application process.

13. Can I send my application by post or through courier?

No. In case you don't wish to come in person, please submit your application through an authorized representative or travel agent.

14. Can I receive my passport by courier?

Yes. You can receive your passport by courier. As a VFS Global Privilege member, at the time of submitting your application, you can avail the courier facility by filling up the 'Courier Request Form'. Your passport can be couriered to an address convenient to you, mentioned in the form. No third party collections are allowed. All collections need to be done in person if you have not opted for courier service facility.

15. My Visa got refused with no explanation. Can you let me know why?

Passport would always be returned along with the refusal letter. The refusal letter normally states the reason for refusal.

16. Does VFS Global Privilege membership help me get my Visa instantly?

No, as granting of Visa is a decision solely of the consulate/embassy of the country for which the Visa is applied for.

17. I am a student travelling abroad for further studies, can I become a member?

Absolutely yes, you can enrol into our Silver Student membership and avail maximum benefits of the program.

18. How can I check the available services?

You can check all the available services by logging on to and using your Membership Privilege ID & Password provided during your enrolment into the program.

19. We are a family of three. Can all of us avail the VFS Global Privilege Program benefits?

Only if you are a Gold Family member, your family can also avail the benefits of the program as per the membership terms.

20. What are the terms & conditions applicable for the Senior Citizen Privilege Membership?

Membership will be eligible for two persons above 60 years of age (Valid ID proof required at the time of availing services at the Visa Application Centre).
All the privileges of the membership will be available only when availed together.

21. What are the terms & conditions applicable for the Gold Family Privilege Membership?

In the Gold Family Privilege Membership only four family members can be enrolled including the primary Privilege Membership cardholder. These family members need to be specified at the time of membership purchase.

Membership is non- transferable. Members of a Gold Family Privilege membership cannot be changed during the course of membership. A member can always purchase additional membership options, if required, to include additional family members.

All privileges of a Gold Family Privilege Membership can only be availed when all the family members are travelling together. A service would be deemed used irrespective of the number of family members (Up to a maximum of four members) availing the service.

22. What are the terms & conditions applicable for the Student Privilege Membership?

Member has to produce a valid Student ID or College Admission Document while availing the service at the Visa Application Centre.

Course period can be maximum of 4 years.

23. How much does it cost to become a VFS Global Privilege member, and are there any other charges applicable?

The VFS Global Privilege memberships costs (including all taxes & charges) can be seen at Privilege Memberships page.

*Note :- Visa fee remains different and is not included in your membership fee. The VFS Global fee for processing your Visa varies from country to country and is not part of the VFS Global Privilege program membership fee.

General information
  • Visa fees, VFS Global Service Charge & Value Added Service charges once paid, are non-refundable.
  • You can obtain further information, and download Visa application forms from
  • For any further assistance, please call the VFS Global Privilege Helpdesk between 08:00 - 17:00 (Monday to Friday) at 022-67866039 or 18002669720.
  • You can also email us at