Student Privilege Membership - India

Student Membership Card

#For entire duration of course

To avail the services, kindly contact the Privilege Helpdesk.

Going abroad to study is a life-changing experience. It’s the beginning of a journey towards a brighter future and we understand the magnitude of what this entails. The tailor-made Student Privilege Membership is carefully designed to assist you with everything related to your Visa application process and travel arrangements as well as extended help during your studies abroad.

With the Student Privilege Card, we open the door to a host of exclusive benefits while you work hard and chase your dreams!

To begin with, your membership is extended for the entire duration of your course. For instance, if you are pursuing a 2 year course, your membership will be valid for 2 years!

Do remember that we have our Visa Application Centres based across the globe. Imagine - you can avail your student member privileges when applying for a Visa from anywhere in the world!

Apart from this, we have our Privilege Helpdesk that will answer all your Visa application submission related queries, provide form printing assistance and address any number of your concerns. At the Premium Lounge in our Visa Application Centre, we will ensure that you experience a seamless Visa submission process in the comfort of a plush lounge.

Our alliances with selected partners offer exclusive travel benefits to our members like Forex and a SIM Card. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the exclusive deals, all under one roof.

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Exclusive Privilege Benefits:
Dedicated Privilege Helpdesk Call Support Number 1800 266 9720 To Help You Throughout Your embership
Premium Lounge Access For Comfort & Convenience
Student Privilege Members Enjoy the Following Tailored Benefits*:
Under this category, you will get a set of complimentary services as per the membership terms.
  • Premium Lounge (Two Uses)
  • Passport Tracking Service (SMS Alerts)
  • Visa Form Printing Service
  • Courier Service (Two Uses)
  • Visa Photo Service
  • Document Photocopy Service
  • Demand Draft Service
  • Internet Kiosk
Always On
You can avail ‘Always On’ services any number of times and any time during the entire period of your membership validity.
  • Privilege Helpdesk Call Support
  • Relationship Manager

Other Exclusive Benefits**

Benefits Benefits Description Discount Offered
Forex Card Free NA
Vodafone International SIM Card (UK) 20GB data & 250 minutes talktime -
Travel Insurance Get Travel Insurance from the well-known brands -
Visa Concierge Service - 10%
HSBC Credit Card & Bank Account - -

*All the services are subject to availability at VFS Global Visa Application Centres.

**Please call our Privilege Helpdesk for customised services.

To know more contact your Travel Agent or our Relationship Manager at the Visa Application Centre, or visit

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